Director Sofia Coppola talks green along with the star of her new movie "Somewhere," Stephen Dorff.


Stephen Dorff: Hi, I'm Stephen Dorff.

Sofia Coppola: Hi, I'm Sofia Coppola and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Sofia Coppola: Hi, I'm Sofia Coppola and I hope you'll go see my new film "Somewhere." that I'm very proud of, it's coming out, it's a story about — Stephen Dorff plays a movie stars who's kind of lost and drifting in this indulgent world and he has a visit from his eleven year old daughter who kind of reconnects him to real life. And um, I think it's a kind of inside peek into Hollywood life that you don't usually get to see, so I hope you enjoy that. And um, I was asked about when we were filming what it was like. We had a small crew, and we tried to do what we could to not make more waste. We all had our own water bottles, and try to be conscious of that whenever you have a big group of people together. And yeah, in my own life I try to be aware as much as I can and you know, recycle, and just learn more about what you can do.

Stephen Dorff: Hi, I'm Stephen Dorff and we're here talking about my new film, "Somewhere," directed by Sofia Coppola. It opens limited release Dec. 22 and then at theatres everywhere in January. So, it's nice to be here. And, you know, I believe in doing a lot for the environment. I believe that one thing we can definitely do is limit some of the carcinogenic smoke that comes from all of these vehicles. That's something I always pay attention to. Another thing is obviously recycling, and the basics, and try to keep with that, and just try to keep our planet beautiful. And I love greenery, just the essence of trees, I've always loved trees and green and clear skies and beautiful air to breathe. It's part of what life is about and I would hate — I would love for us all to take more care of that as opposed to add to the erosion of it. I think I try to do that in my life. I don't, you know, live my life so — you know, what's the word — you know, I'm not thinking about it every day, but I do take notice of it, I think it's our responsibility to, and that's that. 


Ecollywood: Sofia Coppola and Stephen Dorff
Video: Director Sofia Coppola talks green along with the star of her new movie 'Somewhere,' Stephen Dorff.