Get your green tips from the cast of ABC's FlashForward. (Gerri Miller)


Dominic Monaghan: My green tip would be recycle as much as possible. Any time you're going to put something in the trash, have a look at it. See if it can be recycled. In California, they're very very good on recycling. And then recycle it. We can really make a difference if we all try and recycle.John Cho: My green tip is stop buying bottled water. Get a filter. It tastes good. Plus, you don't have to carry the bottles to your car. It's really — it saved my back. I'm old. My body is crumbling, and I didn't need the extra strength. I'm 64. I've got osteoporosis. I've got situations all over my body. So give yourself a break.Christine Woods: My name is Christine Woods. I play Janis Hawk on ABC'S FlashForward, and my green tip is to eat locally grown produce. It helps a lot.Courtney B. Vance: My green tip is: Eat organic. And buy organic.Sonya Walger: My green tip is: Use backs of envelopes for your shopping lists or bits of old paper. But don't use bits of old scripts. Because particularly if you're on a show like FlashForward or Lost because you can get in real trouble if you leave bits of old scripts lying around Ralph's [Los Angeles grocery store] or Trader Joe's. There's my tip.Michael Ealy: My green tip is: Get rid of the bottled water in your home. I recently, towards the end of last year, I was able to rid myself of tons and tons of bottles. And it was a very easy choice. When you think about water, when you're a kid, you drink it. You never drink it in a bottle. You drink it out of the tap. These days that's a little dangerous so you put in a water filter and you just drink your water out of a glass. It's so much easier and you don't have to worry about the mess and the effect on the environment is so much better if you just don't drink the bottles of water in your home.Jack Davenport: My green tip is: Quit driving those ridiculous-sized cars, people, because you don't need them. Just a little one will do. How much space do you need? No one needs a 5-liter engine. Not anymore. There you go.

Joseph Fiennes: My green tip of the day is: Run to work. And back again.

MNN homepage photo: Bob D'Amico/ABC