TV's prettiest little liars share honest green tips. (Gerri Miller)


Shay Mitchell: Hi, I'm Shay Mitchell.

Ian Harding: Hi, I'm Ian Harding.

Sasha Pieterse: Hi, I'm Sasha Pieterse.

Chad Lowe: Hey, I'm Chad Lowe, you're watching Mother Nature Network.

Shay Mitchell: Hi MNN, I'm Shay Mitchell with "Pretty Little Liars" and my green tip is to try and walk or bike anywhere as opposed to driving.

Ian Harding: Hi my name's Ian Harding and my green tip is always turn out the lights when you leave. There's no need for them to be on.

Sasha Pieterse: Hi, I'm Sasha Pieterse ... it's great to read, because the Narnia series, it gives you great insight, it's got fantasy but it's realistic and it'll help you grow and it gives you a good outlook on life.

Chad Lowe: I'm Chad Lowe and my green tip is, God, there's so many green tips. What should we say for a green tip? Stop littering. It all ends up in the ocean. Everything you throw into a gutter, when it rains, it gets washed into the storm drains and goes directly out into the Santa Monica Bay. And, frankly, it goes into any waterway you live near, whether that's a creek or a stream, it goes into your waterway and it ends up in your water. So whatever you put in your gutter, just think, "would I wanna be drinking this?" Because that's where it's gonna end up eventually.

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TV's prettiest little liars share honest green tips.