Desperate House ... husbands? James Denton and other "Desperate" men reveal juicy green tips. (Gerri Miller)


James Denton: Hey, I'm James Denton.

Jesse Metcalfe: I'm Jesse Metcalfe.

Mark Moses: Hi, I'm Mark Moses.

Steven Weber: Hi, I'm Steven Weber.

Kevin Rahm: Hi, I'm Kevin Rahm and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

James Denton: Hey, it's James Denton from "Desperate Housewives." What we're doing at my house here in L.A. is putting solar attic fans in the roof. Not only does it cool your house off so your air conditioner runs less, but the fans run on the power of the sun. They're not even plugged in — there's no electricity at all. So, just a little thing you can do for your home.

Jesse Metcalfe: My name's Jesse Metcalfe and my green tip of the day's a pretty obvious one: it's to just recycle. They don't make it very easy for us out here in California, so you gotta make the extra effort to recycle your bottles and cans, so, please recycle.

Mark Moses: Hello, I'm Mark Moses. I drive a Prius and I hope that helps consume less harmful emissions into the environment, and uh, keep recycling.

Steven Weber: Hi, my name is Steven Weber and my green tip of the day is don't leave those faucets running. Turn off those lights!

Kevin Rahm: I'm Kevin Rahm and my green tip of the day is recycle.


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