"Shrek" voice actor Walt Dohrn offers his best green tip, along with young stars Trevor Gagnon and Austin Butler. (Gerri Miller)


Walt Dohrn: Hi, I'm Walt Dohrn.

Trevor Gagnon: Hi, I'm Trevor Gagnon.

Austin Butler: Hey, I'm Austin Butler and you are watching the Mother Nature Network.

Walt Dohrn: Hi, I'm Walt Dohrn, we're at the "Shrek" premiere. I'm the voice of Rumpelstiltskin, and my green tip of the day is to take public transportation. You know, give your car a break, and not only that — maybe you'll meet someone new. I met a lot of amazing people on the bus.

Trevor Gagnon: Hi, my name's Trevor Gagnon and my green tip would be to turn off your car engine when you're stuck at a red light or in traffic because it cuts down on the fuel use. When you're just idling you're wasting energy and, you know, that's not good.

Austin Butler: Hey there I'm Austin Butler and my green tip — let's see. I'm in the market for a new car so I'm out looking for ... there's this really cool car called an Aptera, it's really spacey, so there and ... Oh! They've got this awesome car called the Tesla now that's another electronic car so they're getting really cool cars that are electronic. So if we could get those, then we can lower our carbon footprint and, uh, it'll be really green.

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Ecollywood: Walt Dohrn, Trevor Gagnon and Austin Butler
Actors Walt Dohrn, Trevor Gagnon and Austin Butler share some eco-transportation tips.