"Blossom" stars Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence share their green tips. (Gerri Miller)

Video clip courtesy blossomfanpage/YouTube


Mayim Bialik: I'm Mayim Bialik and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Mayim Bialik: Hi, I'm Mayim Bialik and my green tip of the day is to try and imagine what it would be like to not use paper towels. I never thought I would be able to go without paper towels, and it started kind of as an experiment, like, "What if I don't reach for one now?" And, um, we are now paper towel free, and we have plenty of cheap washcloths that do the trick the same, and it's nice to know you're not killing trees!

Joey Lawrence: Hey, I'm Joey Lawrence. My green tip is bring your own bag to the market, use the energy-efficient lightbulbs, drive a hybrid if you can. And, uh ... use glass or ceramic instead of paper or plastic.

Joey Lawrence (as Joey Russo on "Blossom"): Whoa! This is amazing! They even put it in alphabetical order — oh, thank you, God!

Joey Lawrence: I'm Joey Lawrence and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.