Elisabetta Canalis, Leah Renee and Sean Maher share green tips on the red carpet of the GLSEN Respect Awards. (Gerri Miller)




Elisabetta Canalis: 3...2...1...Hi, I'm Elisabetta Canalis.


Leah Renee: I'm Leah Renee and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.


Elisabetta Canalis: Hi, it's Elisabetta Canalis and my green tip is a good breakfast at Whole Foods. My personal tip.


Leah Renee: Hi, I'm Leah Renee and my green tip is to try and take a shower every day for under three minutes. I also recommend trying to be vegetarian just one day a week. You can't imagine the difference it would make.


Sean Maher: I'm Sean Maher, I'll second that. We do Meatless Mondays at home. At least one day a week where you do no meat. Also, don't let the water run when you're brushing your teeth!


Leah Renee: No!