John Noble, Hannah Simone, Charlyne Yi, Diedrich Bader, Cristina Pucelli and Joy Osmanski were just a few of the guests at Fox's Eco-Casino Party. Here are their green tips. (Gerri Miller)




Hannah Simone: I'm Hannah Simone.


John Noble: I'm John Noble.


Diedrich Bader: I'm Diedrich Bader.


Charlyne Yi: What do I say?


Cristina Pucelli: I'm Cristina Pucelli from "Allen Gregory."


Joy Osmanski: And I'm Joy Osmanski from "Allen Gregory."


Cristina & Joy: And you're watching Mother Nature Network.


Hannah Simone: Hi, I'm Hannah Simone and my green tip is: start small. It doesn't have to cost you anything to remember to turn off your lights, to power down your computer, to not idle your car. Just be conscious, aware, and responsible and every little bit helps.


John Noble: My green tip is perfectly simple in the sense that we do at home ... we generally now buy organic instead of non-organic. And mostly we buy it now because it's an option. And the prices are getting closer. So without too much pain I think we probably moved across to the organic label. Which is probably a lot better for us, too.


Diedrich Bader: Hi, I'm Diedrich Bader from "Napoleon Dynamite," midseason on Fox, and my green tip is reduce your water use. Pee in the shower.


Charlyne Yi: Hi, I'm Charlyne and my green tip of the day is: um, bring your own water bottle!


Joy Osmanski: Hi there, I'm Joy Osmanski on "Allen Gregory."


Cristina Pucelli: And I'm Cristina Pucelli from "Allen Gregory."


Joy & Cristina: And I would like to urge you to use cloth napkins. I'm a big cloth napkin user and I find it makes a huge difference in the amount of paper that I go through. And recycle. And compost! Oh, yeah, the compost! Yeah, eggshells for the roses are really good. Oh, I love that!