Hill Harper and Izabella Miko share green tips from the inaugural Green Festival at the Los Angeles Convention Center. (Gerri Miller)




Hill Harper: Hey, what's up everybody, this is Hill Harper from "CSI: New York."


Izabella Miko: I'm Izabella Miko and you're watching Mother Nature Network.


Hill Harper: This is Hill Harper from "CSI: New York" and my green tip of the day is no plastic bottles. Just use glass, use, uh, little containers, whatever you can do, just no plastic bottles, please.


Izabella Miko: It's Izabella Miko and I'm here at the Green Festival with my candle line, which is called EkoMiko. And I created my candle line to raise money for my foundation, EkoMiko. It's nonprofit and teaches people about green living in a very fun and interactive way. And I want to tell you about my candle. It is, um, it's actually a body candle that you can put on your skin as a moisturizer. Uh, t's cocoa butter, essential oils, uh, apricot oil. And then, um, the box is actually seeded paper, so you can plant the box, and you'll have flowers growing. Uh, all the inserts are made out of stone paper using no trees and no water. And the wick is 100% chemical free so it doesn't release any chemicals into the air. And all the money goes towards my foundation so, it's all for a good cause. And, uh, you can get them, well, here today, also at shopekomiko.com, s-h-o-p-e-k-o-m-i-k-o dot com. It comes with a love letter. It's made out of stone. So, enjoy!



Hill Harper & Izabella Miko at L.A. Green Festival
Video: Hill Harper and Izabella Miko share green tips from Los Angeles' inaugural Green Festival.