Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for The Rolling Stones and the cofounder of MNN, talks with rocker Bryan Adams about forestation in Canada and Adams' most recent album, Eleven. (Mike Lindsay/MNN and Ashley Chase/MNN)

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Chuck: Well, come on, what do you want to do? [playing piano]

Bryan: That’s it. Ah ha ha, yeah.

Chuck: Well, we, we know we’ve had a host of environmental challenges in the United States, and we all hope to see that change. But, I’m interested, what about in Canada?
Bryan: Things like forestation, I know that Canada has a massive forestation plan of tree planting.

Chuck: Good.

Bryan: You know, I mean, and there’s a lot of care being taken, particularly in British Columbia, to saving some of the old timbers and the old forests that exist there. And, we’re talking massive trees, 300 feet tall.

Chuck: I think Victoria Island, is that a --

Bryan: Vancouver Island.

Chuck: Vancouver Island.

Bryan: Yeah.

Chuck: I’m sorry, that’s a part of that --

Bryan: Yeah, yeah, there’s Cowichan Valley down there and there’s beautiful, beautiful places where, I mean, trees, you know, with a span —

Chuck: Yes, yeah. As big as this piano.

Bryan: — entirely — as big as this piano. Yeah, just the base of it, you know?

Chuck: Right.

Bryan: You could not put your hands around it. But, we all, I think everywhere there are challenges environmentally. I remember when I first moved — I live in England now. When I first moved there, my local constituency didn’t have a recycling system.

Chuck: Oh.

Bryan: You know, 20 years later, we do. And, so I think that, changes will come.

Chuck: Music, let’s talk about music. That’s what you do so well. Eleven is your latest record.

Bryan: Yeah.

Chuck: Released in ’08, I believe.

Bryan: That’s correct.

Chuck: And that celebrates, I think, the 11th studio record, is that right?

Bryan: Yes, it does.

Chuck: Wow, that’s fantastic.

Bryan: Well, there’s actually 16 albums --

Chuck: Yes.

Bryan:-- if you were to tie them all together with unplugged and live records and best of’s, but it’s sort of my 16th — it’s my 11th studio album. And, when the album came out, there was a lot of speculation, you know, “Why did you,” you know, “Why did you call it Eleven?” I said, “Well, it’s my 11th album. Nothing more to it.”

Chuck: Aptly named, then.

Bryan:But, I started out making the album an acoustic album, but then halfway through thought, “You know what? I better bring the band in.” And then as soon as the album came out, I started doing acoustic shows, so.

Chuck: Well listen, man, it’s been great just chatting.

Bryan: Amazing.

Chuck: Thanks for being here.

Bryan: And congratulations on your website. That’s really good news, man.

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