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Chuck: Hi, I’m Chuck Leavell and I’m so pleased to introduce this video series on the Mother Nature Network entitled, Love of the Land.

You know, when I am not out rocking and rolling with the Rolling Stones or some of the other musical artists that I have been so privileged to work with throughout my career, or maybe working on my own solo projects, you’re very likely to find me right here on our own family forest, Charlane Plantation, in central Georgia.

And here, I might be planting trees or managing their growth or ensuring a strong wildlife habitat, maybe just walking in the woods and enjoying nature.

The aim of this series is to bring stories about people throughout the country and all over the world that have a deep passion for the natural world that they live in.

And in this series, we are going to focus on communities, some large and some small, and all kinds of unique environmental stories. We’ll look at successes, but we will also explore some of the pressing environmental challenges we have in our world today. So I’m delighted to share these stories with you and I hope you’ll enjoy Love of the Land.


In the Green Room: Meet Chuck Leavell
Music is only one of Chuck Leavell's passions. He is also a tree farmer and dedicated environmentalist. Learn more about his new series, In the Green Room.