Faith Ford and Pauley Perrette dig up green tips for MNN at the first annual Hero Dog Awards. (Gerri Miller)




Faith Ford: Hi, I'm Faith Ford.


Pauley Perrette: This is Pauley Perrette and you're watching Mother Nature Network.


Faith Ford: Faith Ford. Here's my green tip of the day: old bananas have a very good use for roses. Dig deep, put it at the roots, they'll love you for it.


Pauley Perrette: This is Pauley Perrette and my new eco-tip for you, considering where we are right now, celebrating animals, is instead of spending a bazillion dollars going to a gym, which, you know, uses a lot of electricity and, to me, aren't very sanitary — adopt a dog! Adopt a dog. They will keep you fit, they will keep you running around. You gotta walk 'em, you gotta play with 'em, you gotta talk to 'em. That's like the best thing you could ever do for yourself, your body and your mind.