Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku, Samantha Harris and Jesse Bradford offer Earth-beautification tips from the red carpet of "The Beauty Book" gala. (Gerri Miller)




Rick Fox: Hey, it's Rick Fox.


Eliza Dushku: And I'm Eliza Dushku.


Samantha Harris: Hey everyone, it's Samantha Harris.


Jesse Bradford: Hi, I'm Jesse Bradford.


Rick & Eliza: (R) Guess what we just bought. (E) A tankless water heater. Because we're that green. That's right. (R) Get with it, people. (E) On top of the Prius ... what's next? A solar panel on our roof. (R) There you go, that's what's next.


Samantha: I'm really excited to tell you about my jeans for DL1961, we've got great color in for holiday. But more importantly, let's talk about things that are green and basically making the world a greener place. One thing I like to teach my 4-year-old is to turn the water off when she's brushing her teeth. Easy to do and you can do it, too.


Jesse: My green tip is get a hybrid. They're really great. I have a Prius. I was reluctant. Reluctant to get one, and I love it.