Christmas carols can be so soothing — until somebody bleats.

ActionAid Sweden asked an all-women's choir in 2016 to do something unorthodox: perform Christmas carols while vocalizing like goats.

In addition to performing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," the choir sings (bleats?) "White Christmas," "Come All Ye Faithful" and, of course, "Silent Night."

"It was very liberating! Choirs often tend to be very solemn and serious, so it was nice to make something fun out of it," Daniela Westmark who sang in the choir, told The Local.

ActionAid Sweden is no stranger to welcoming goats into the holidays, frequently looking for opportunities to raise awareness of the creatures. In 2015, the charity created a whole digital album of goats "singing" Christmas tunes.

Goats play an important role in many poor and developing areas, particularly for women. They can supply milk, and they can also be sold, which can make an education possible.

Swedish choir sings Christmas carols like goats
The quirky cover of Christmas tunes was designed to to highlight the importance of goats in poverty-stricken societies.