Learning iconic film scores is good way to shake up your music practice. In fact, it's possible to put in more time learning the theme from "Star Wars" than the piece you should be mastering in the first place. But think if it this way: the composer for the classical piece is more than likely not around to appreciate your efforts; with "Star Wars," you can just head over to John Williams' house and play the theme, right there on the sidewalk.

That's exactly what these two 13-year-old boys — with Bryce Hayashi on trumpet and Michael Miller on flugelhorn — decided to do.

In this video, the duo stands outside the famous film score composer's home and perform the opening to the "Star Wars" films, presumably to an empty house. But it just so happens that Williams is home and he steps out to talk to the two young musicians, even complimenting Hayashi's skill in hitting the piece's higher notes: "I started to listen and thought 'Oh they'll never make it' and they did it!"

We hope Williams will be ready when someone sets up outside to play the musical exchange from the iconic first contact scene from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Teens serenade John Williams with 'Star Wars'
John Williams even comes out to greet the two teenagers after their finish their recital.