From the documentary of the same name, No Impact Man (a.k.a. Colin Beavan), and director Laura Gabbert share their green tips.



Laura Gabbert: Hi, I'm Laura Gabbert. I'm the co-director and co-producer of 'No Impact Man,' the documentary. Let's see, our website is Please visit it to see where the film is showing. My green tip is to entertain the idea of composting. Composting is not hard to do; it's easy. It's fun, and it feels good. Go to for specific composting tips.

Colin Beavan:
I'm Colin Beavan. I'm No Impact Man. And my green tip is eat less beef because beef produciton is actually causing more problems for our environment than the entire transportation sector. And we'd love it if you would come to where you can experiment with trying to live a no impact lifestyle of your own.