Shaolin monks are famous for their use of martial arts and weapons, and one of the most difficult skills they master is throwing a needle hard enough to shatter glass.

The Slow Mo Guys — Gavin Free and Daniel Charles Gruchy — invited three monks onto their YouTube series to take a look at the Shaolin feat under the watchful eye of the Phantom v2511 camera, a camera well-suited for capturing things for slow-motion playback.

Like throwing a needle into glass.

The monk demonstrates the technique, including some energy channeling before flinging the needle at the glass. The result is a rather balletic moment of minor destruction as the shattered glass pops a balloon held behind the glass.

"It's crazy something so light can do that," Gruchy comments as they watch the footage.

There are a couple of unknowns in the video, including the durability of the glass and the mass of the needle used. Certainly the needle might be on the heavier side if Gruchy is able to cause a bit of damage when he attempts the throw himself, and all without the 10 years one of the monks says is necessary to achieve this feat.

Still, it's a pretty spectacular thing to watch in slow motion.

Watch a Shaolin monk break glass with a needle
The Slow Mo Guys slow down a Shaolin monk throwing a needle to see how it breaks glass.