New Yorkers are pretty jaded. What could they possible not have seen at this point, between just walking around the city and then riding on the subway?

But they should pay more attention, because this man's Rubik's cubing power levels are over 9,000! (That was for all you "Dragon Ball Z" fans out there.)

Captured by Sheldon Serkin, a street photographer in NYC, the video shows a man dressed in a Sayian-themed shirt from the manga and anime franchise "Dragon Ball Z" who is solving a Rubik's cube while paying attention to his phone. Oh, and he was doing it one-handed, tossing the cube between his hands. It's obviously a type of sorcery, or an ancient form of Sayian training that "Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama just never got around to depicting.

But no one else on the train, apart from Serkin, seemed to have noticed this feat of dexterity. Indeed, much like the man solving the Rubik's cube, they're all glued to their phones. Then again, even the man himself didn't seem particularly impressed with his skills as he just grabbed his backpack after he finished and got ready to disembark the train. Presumably, he's off to challenge some alien or android threat to Earth to a Rubik's cube contest.

Watch a subway rider solve a Rubik's cube with his eyes shut
A man dressed in a Dragon Ball Z shirt was just minding his own business and solving a Rubik's cube super-quick on the subway.