Looking to thaw your heart from the cold? The Polish auction site Allegro has just the ad for you.

Titled "English for Beginners," the commercial tracks the progress of a senior Polish man learning English through a set of tapes purchased from the site. He practices phrases in near-isolation, only addressing himself, his dog, inadvertently a random woman on a bus and, hilariously, his rubber ducky. While he confuses a few words such as knife and fork and cat and (computer) mouse, he soldiers on, leaving sticky notes attached to everything in his house, including the aforementioned dog.

After acquiring a suitcase from Allegro, he's off to England, practicing his English without the tapes or the reminders or his rubber ducky. The reason for his dedication? He's meeting his granddaughter for the first time.

The ad ends with the question "And you? What are you looking for?" While it's a fine slogan for an auction site, it's a question that bursts with larger meaning. The man in the ad may have purchased the English language set from the site, but he was looking for a connection with his granddaughter — a connection that lost as little in translation as possible.

You won't care that this sweet video is actually an ad for a Polish auction site
Allegro, a Polish auction site, has crafted a holiday ad about love in an ever-shrinking world.