Bringing about social change isn't easy, but it can start with small steps — or in this case, a one-two step.

At least that's the belief of Dare, a group of dancers taking to the streets of Latakia, Syria, showing off their footwork, solo and partnered.

According to National Geographic, the dancers of Dare are all too aware of the devastation the long civil war has wrought in their country, but they hope their dancing will restore "the pulse and atmosphere of life in Syria." So far, their dancing has generated only positive responses.

In the video above, dancers perform simple moves by themselves and alongside other dancers. Some pairs put on a modernized version of the Argentine tango, complete with lifts. (No one tell the judges on "Dancing With the Stars.")

Dare dancers don't ignore Syria's traditional dances, reports National Geographic; dances like the Samah and the Samke aren't featured in this particular video, but they are also performed.

Why young Syrians are dancing in the streets
Calling themselves Dare, young dancers in Latakia, Syria, are hoping to inspire change in the face of civil war and destruction.