If you nix just one plastic from your life in 2009, make that PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), the clingy plastic more commonly known as vinyl. This poisonous plastic's unhealthy for both you and the environment, since it can release "dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer from manufacture to disposal," according to the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.

Now, the CHEJ's made it easier to get vinyl out of your life by publishing a free downloadable guide,  Pass Up the Poison Plastic: the PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home. Read it to learn the top 10 reasons to buy PVC-free products, quick tips for avoiding PVC (hint: avoid #3 plastics), and five easy tips to begin going PVC-free in your home. 

To make PVC-free living even easier, the Guide provides a spreadsheet of companies that offer PVC-free products, so you can easily locate anything from baby bibs to shower curtains sans vinyl. Keep your holiday shopping PVC-free!

image via CHEJ