A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a couple redefining the all-American road trip by making the journey car-free. Apparently, this green trip idea is a popular one this spring — enough that a reality TV show has been made about it!

"The Un-Road Trip" follows the adventures of a young guy called Boaz Frankel as he makes his way across the U.S. in pretty much every form of transportation except the gas-powered car. Among the strange vehicles he employs are a pneumatic pogo stick, Kangoo jumps and a crop duster!

Many are more basic, greener forms of transportation — like a sailboat, horse or bicycle — though Frankel ends up riding some funky-looking bikes. He begins the journey in his hometown of Portland, heading down the West Coast to L.A. before adventuring across the country — all the way to New York, up to Ontario, Canada, and finally, back through Seattle to Portland.

Watch "The Un-Road Trip" when it premiers on Earth Day (April 22) at 8 p.m. — either on the Halogen TV channel or online at Halogen TV’s The Un-Road Trip website.

A 12,000-mile road trip, sans car
'The Un-Road Trip' will follow one Portland man as he makes his way across America and back, on every kind of vehicle except a gas-powered car.