Last year I kind of dismissed the Woolly Vagabond — an eco-friendly, plant-toting purse — as an imaginative but impractical accessory. While the purse could certainly let your plant “accompany you to the museum, on picnics and out to dinner,” as described by the green-minded product maker, I just didn’t see eco-fashionistas carrying around plants the way Hollywood celebs carry little dogs.

Now, I’m eating my words because a museum has sent out an invitation specifically to plant-toters.

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles invites your favorite plant to a Houseplant Vacation — a “cultural retreat for plants.” This month-long green holiday will pamper your plant as it’s never been pampered before. Not only will the lucky plants get to hang out on a light-flooded terrace, they’ll get their portrait photograph taken, experience “psychic plant healing,” learn some cultural plant history, and take in readings, performances, and musical events every Saturday. Check out the full schedule of plant activities; they'll make you wish you too were a plant (at least briefly).

The vacation's organized by Machine Project, an artsy L.A. nonprofit that’s currently the Public Engagement Artist in Residence at the Hammer. To get your plant pampered, RSVP for your plant to then carry your plant to the Hammer this Saturday.

Hammer requests only healthy plants — “this is a vacation, not rehab,” notes the press release — and requires that you sign a one-page release waiver (PDF) agreeing not to hold the Hammer responsible “if my plant/s gets sick, is overserved, pollinates another plant, disappears in plant napping or otherwise, or if my plant/s enters into any other oral or written contracts while on Houseplant Vacation.”

Remember to pick your plant back up on Aug. 29, or else the Hammer will have the right “to employ or release into the wild” your best green friend.

A Cultural vacation for plants
Spending some time in Los Angeles this summer? Bring your favorite plant with you! A museum wants to babysit your green best friend -- and pamper it too.