Retired Dutch jetliners. Historic French châteaux. A bookstore in London. An Australian IKEA.  

For those following Airbnb’s ongoing “A Night At” marketing stunt/contest in which users of the peer-to-peer lodging platform are given a chance to hunker down for the the night, gratis, in a global array of “distinctive and unprecedented accommodations,” there’s always the question of "what in the world could be next?"

An abandoned amusement park?

A subterranean trailer park?

Cambodia's notorious Bokor Palace & Casino?

As it turns out, the inaugural “next” of 2015 involves being trapped suspended by cable 9,000 feet in the air within a Saulire Express gondola in the French Alps.

Fondue wishes and vertigo-induced dreams, anyone?

Sponsored in cooperation with contest host Courchevel, a très de luxe resort town in the Les Trois Vallées ski region, the latest “A Night At” offering is not for the faint of heart, acrophobics, bickering Swedish couples and anyone who might be keen on the idea of spending the evening confined to a functional ski lift. But good heavens, those views … those knockout, once-in-a-lifetime views. Even the promotional photography takes one's breath away.

Outfitted with two beds and a small army of throw blankets and sheepskin rugs, the gondola has been transformed into a swanky micro-chalet of sorts with enough room to sleep four — the contest winner can bring along three of their besties for the one-night experience. That is, if the winner manages to secure three people willing to be winched up high above the Alps for an evening.

Aside from the high-altitude scenery and the lure of skiing, the contest places a huge emphasis on wining and dining. “After a dinner suspended from a cable, at 9,000ft, you’ll spend the night feasting above the clouds surrounded by the breathtaking views of La Saulire, the highest point in Courchevel,” reads the official listing.

This is all fine and good — because really, what else would one to do to calm those jitters aside from pound a large amount of red wine and cheese? 

However, it does also bring up the inevitable bathroom question. What happens when you have the sudden urge to go, pardon our French, oui-oui, in the middle of the night?

Short answer: Yes, the gondola is facility-free. 

Obviously, an arrangement has been worked out for emergency trips to the nearest slope-side restroom. But still, the whole food- and drink-heavy scenario could prove to be complicated when you have four very satiated people dangling 9,000 feet in the air for an extended period of time.

While it doesn’t address potty logistics, the listing does spell out a few house rules: no hanging wet ski suits on the cables and no calling to ask for more ice. Also, be respectful of the neighbors as the “chamois are notoriously light sleepers.” The listing suggests writing feedback on a fogged-up window and snapping lots of photos — “no one will believe you.”

As with past “A Night At” contests, registered Airbnb users can enter by simply hitting the “Contact Host” button on the list and explain why they want to spend the night in a converted cable car in the French Alps. Submissions (in French or English) must be 100 words or less and be entered by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 25 to qualify. Along with dinner, breakfast and the overnight stay, travel to and from Courchevel will be provided. 

Sound at all appealing? Or no merci?

Via [Co.Design], [The Telegraph]

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