Siel and DamienI don’t know why I procrastinate gift-getting until the day I need said gift, but thanks to Damien Newton (right) of Streetsblog LA’s baby shower on Sunday, I’ve figured out how to support public transportation, DIY culture, fair trade, and the environment — all while using time efficiently:

1. Get easy public transit directions to get from Santa Monica to the party in Echo Park. Driving alone to a Streetsblog party would be dumb, since the blog’s all about getting out of our cars and out of traffic jams.

And since Metro’s now on Google Transit, traveling green’s a lot simpler –

Google Transit screenshot

2. The bus ride’s about an hour long, so find “One Hour Baby Booties” knitting instructions in Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation.

Stitch 'n' Bitch One Hour Baby Booties

3. Get on the bus and start knitting furiously! Field questions from an older gentleman who asks what you’re doing then launches into a story about how much he used to love cross-stitching.

Knitting baby booties on the Metro bus

4. Panic a little when the bus arrives on time — but the knitting’s not finished on time. Decide Streetsblog guests’ll be fine with your making the present at the event. Meet, greet, then keep knitting.

Baby booties for Damien's baby

5. Modify the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch directions a bit to give the booties more flower power.

Fair trade card for Damien'

6. Compose a message in a “Falling Leaves” environmental greeting card — made of Saa paper from mulberry bark that regenerates each year and sold at fair trade e-store Novica.

Gift for Damien

7. Put everything in a pre-loved bag. Reuse!

Top screenshot from Google Maps; photos by Siel

DIY crafts meet car-free travel
Need a last minute eco-friendly gift for a baby shower? Knit booties on the bus!