Calling all couples!

Cayuga Collection, a network of eco-resorts located throughout Nicaragua and Costa Rica (I’ve stayed at three of their eight member resorts — they are all fabulous), is giving away vacations of a lifetime to three lucky couples as part of a quest to develop the perfect eco-honeymoon. The three winning couples will have the freedom to design their own tour of various Cayuga Collection resorts as part of a seven- to 10-day trip taken between the end of the August and beginning of December.

Swimming pool at Arenas Del Mar

The swimming pool at Arenas Del Mar.

Entry is open to any couple that is getting married in 2014 or that has been married for less than five years. The application is easy and requires answering a few simple questions:

Are you passionate about sustainability and green living?

What have been your most luxurious travel experiences?

Why should you and your partner be selected to help us with this project?

What are the key factors in a honeymoon experience?

Bird watching at Arenas Del Mar

An early morning birdwatching trip at Arenas Del Mar.

The deadline for entry is May 1. The top 25 entries will be moved into a second round of consideration with the final three winners announced by May 30.

Click over to Cayuga Collection to apply.

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Do you have what it takes to help build the perfect eco-honeymoon?
Cayuga Collection, a network of eco-resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, is looking for couples to help perfect the green honeymoon.