High-speed rail has yet to revolutionize American travel, but that’s not stopping two green-minded adventurers from exploring the U.S. via train — and the fold-up bikes they can carry or ride. Russ Roca and Laura Crawford are redefining the American road trip by going the distance without ever getting into a car.

Big Adventure, Small Wheels is what the simple-living, travel-addicted couple is calling their journey. The two aren’t new to adventure travel — or to a remarkable dedication to alternative transportation. Just a few years ago, I knew Russ as the local bicycling photographer, famous (at least among environmentalists and cyclists) in the L.A. area for lugging all his heavy photography equipment around on a bike.

Then in 2009, Russ and Laura sold everything they owned to go on a bicycling adventure — traveling 10,000 miles over 15 months all over the U.S. After a short break, the two are ready to venture out again, this time adding trains to the mix.

“We’re getting some great support this time round,” said Russ in an email. “Adventure Cycling is pretty excited about the idea of multi-modal touring. We’re hoping to get Amtrak officially on board. And we’ve got 3,000 Facebook fans this time around, to help guide us to some interesting places.”

Want Russ and Laura to come by your town? Get their attention through Facebook, Twitter and their blog — and cruise over on your bike to meet them when they roll into town.

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Eco-adventurers to redefine the road trip
One L.A.-area couple is taking the all-American road trip — minus the car. Russ Roca and Laura Crawford are taking what they call the Big Adventure, Small Wh