Should you ever find yourself in Sedona, Arizona, treat yourself to ChocolaTree. This all-organic vegan oasis of a restaurant makes delicious and fresh dishes that’ll please cleansers and carnivores alike.

I accidentally discovered ChocolaTree during a visit to Sedona about a week ago — and became a temporary regular, eating all meals there during the rest of the stay! My favorite entree was the Falafel Plate — flavorful sprouted falafel balls and a fresh salad with veggie hummus, a creamy garlic dip, and raw flatbread.

Raw falafel plate at ChocolaTree in Sedona, Arizona

For a spicier entree, go for the raw Viva Burrito — a sundried tomato wrap filled with fresh veggies and dressed with all manner of decadent vegan deliciousness — from some of the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted to creamy “cheese.”

Or opt for very sustainable sushi! The “deep sea pate” in the Sushi gives the raw rolls a taste of the sea — and although they don’t quite have the taste of real fish, they’ll be about the freshest, most reinvigorating sushi rolls you’ll try.

Raw sushi plate at ChocolaTree in Sedona, Arizona

For those craving a warm meal, ChocolaTree does offer some cooked dishes. The creamy Kale Quinoa bowl will comfort and satisfy while feeding you a lot of good fresh veggies.

Kale quinoa bowl at ChocolaTree in Sedona, Arizona

Save room for dessert! The raw German Chocolate Cake is super rich, with each layer adding a different decadent yumminess. My favorite was the raw Pecan Pie, however — nutty goodness with a side of creamy coconut ice cream. In addition, a chocolate display at the front of the store offers lots of bite-sized chocolate morsels to pick from.

ChocolaTree in Sedona, Arizona

I hope to visit Sedona again soon — and ChocolaTree is one of the main reasons. What's the best organic restaurant you've discovered while on an eco-vacation?

Enjoy organic vegan dining in Sedona
Planning a vacation in Sedona? Dine green and healthy at ChocolaTree, an organic, vegan and raw-friendly local restaurant.