Colorado River

All photos: Andrew Pielage

Arizona photographer Andrew Pielage shares these gorgeous images he captured on a recent fly-fishing trip with his brother (and his brother's dog, Rusty) to the crystal clear waters of the Colorado River.

After loading up their gear on a high-speed jet boat in Lees Ferry, their tour guide, TJ, took them 15 miles upstream to the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam. The farther they traveled, the deeper the Colorado River carved its path into the steep red rock canyons surrounding it.

"I have been on the Colorado River many times," Pielage tells MNN, "but this upstream section proved to be some of most scenic I had ever seen."

The cold, fast-moving water is the perfect environment for wild rainbow trout, which makes the area one of the best fly-fishing destinations in the country. Over the course of their adventure, Pielage's brother managed to catch and release more than 40 of these beautiful fish, and even Rusty (who was quickly dubbed "The Trout Scout") managed to nab a few as well!

Continue below for more photos, and be sure to check out more of Pielage's work on MNN, including his coverage of an dust storms and wildfires.

Rainbow trout held up by fisherman
Glen Canyon Dam
Flying fishing in the Colorado River
Rainbow trout in fishing net
Rusty the dog
Rainbow trout mouth
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Fly-fishing for rainbow trout and exceptional views on the Colorado River
Photographer shares gorgeous images of fly-fishing for rainbow trout in the cold, fast-moving waters of the Colorado River.