Glacial caves: Kayaking in Alaska

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The glaciers of Earth's ancient past are to thank for some of our most beloved natural landforms, including the Great Lakes, Yosemite Valley and even the kettle pond that inspired one of America's greatest writers. While it's interesting to see what a glacier can do to rocky terrain, it's also fascinating to observe how crevasses, ridges and caves dramatically develop under the pressure and stress of these ever-moving chunks of dense ice.

In particular, glacier caves form when liquid water — typically melt water from the surface — runs underneath or through a glacier. They can also be formed by subterranean geothermal vents or hot springs, which are common in places with volcanic landscapes such as Iceland.

Glacial caves: Mount Hood cave

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While these caves are certainly beautiful, they are also often unstable and dangerous to explore due to persistent glacial motion and melting. Because of the warming climate, many of them are under threat of collapsing completely. Oregon's famous Sandy Glacier Caves (above) — one of the largest glacier cave systems in the United States — is expected to melt completely within the next decade.

Continue below for a look at just a few of the many striking glacier caves found on Earth:

Glacial caves: Mendenhall glacier in Alaska

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Mendenhall glacier cave, Juneau, Alaska

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Glacial caves: Rhone Cave

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Rhône glacier cave, Valais, Switzerland

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Glacial caves: Vatnajökull

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Vatnajökull glacier cave, Iceland

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Glacial caves: Near British Columbia

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Wedgemount glacier cave, British Columbia, Canada

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Glacial caves: Mendenhall

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Mendenhall glacier cave, Juneau, Alaska

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Glacial caves: Saribung peak, Nepal

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Saribung Peak glacier cave, Mustang, Nepal

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Glacial caves: Kamchatka

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Kamchatka glacier cave, eastern Russia

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Glacier caves: As fleeting as they are fascinating
These caves may be beautiful, but they are often unstable and dangerous to explore due to persistent glacial motion and melting.