Rock climber tightroping on Monkey Face Rock in Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Credits: Nick Braun/500px (above) and Laurel Fan/Flickr (below)

Monkey Face Rock looks like a monkeyIn this gorgeous vertical panorama captured by photographer Nick Braun, the sun sets on the horizon as experienced highliner Ari Delashmutt carefully makes his way across a slackline rigged along the cliff face of Monkey Face Rock. This 350-foot natural pillar located in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park is named for its loose resemblance to — you guessed it — the face of a monkey (pictured more distinctly in the photo on the right).

On his website, Delashmutt shares his experience traversing this iconic natural spire, which is a popular destination among serious rock climbers:

"On this particular evening I wandered back and forth on the Long Monkey Line, praising the exposure and worshiping the view. Back on solid ground, I thanked the Monkey for playing his part and he reciprocated the gratitude with a wink of his rocky eye. See you soon Mr. Monkey, we shall all return."
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Highlining at Monkey Face Rock — it's a long way down, but the view is well worth it
The 350-foot natural pillar located in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park is the perfect destination for rock climbers and slackliners.