Maybe it's because I spent the night at PDX (Portland's airport) just a couple weeks back, or maybe it's because I'm at least as goofy as this guy, but I thought the video that traveler Richard Dunn made while stuck overnight in a deserted Las Vegas airport is incredibly funny. I wish I had spent the wee hours of my unexpected stayover doing something productive instead of whining to myself! Check it out below: 

You might not believe that he really did shoot this video solo, once you watch it.

But Dunn told Gawker the secret to his filming prowess: "I had a person behind a ticket counter give me a roll of luggage tape before she left. I then used a wheel chair that had a tall pole on the back of it and taped my iPhone to that. Then I would put it on the moving walkway for a dolly shot. I also used the extended handle on my computer bag and taped the iPhone to my handle. I would tuck different stuff under the bag to get the right angle. For the escalator shot I had to sprint up the steps after I got my shot so the computer bag didn't hit the top and fall back down. Quite fun!"

Have you ever been stuck overnight at an airport? 

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Man makes hilarious video while stuck at airport
Talk about using your downtime productively!