Aoraki, New Zealand
Aoraki, New Zealand (Photo: © Matt Munro/Lonely Planet)

It's easy to get caught in the never-ending grind of work and stress, which is a shame because there's a whole world out there waiting to be explored.

The cover of Lonely Planet's Wild WorldOf course, not everyone can just drop everything to go adventuring to far-flung corners of Earth, but we can still live vicariously through others' experiences thanks to the power of photography.

It's not the same thing as experiencing the great outdoors for yourself, but it can definitely inspire you to make traveling more of a priority. It's this sentiment that motivated travel guide company Lonely Planet to put together a new book called "Wild World."

"Scientific studies repeatedly show that being in nature decreases stress. We feel mentally invigorated, spiritually connected and more optimistic in the wild," the book's introduction states. "If we don't get outdoors enough we may even suffer from 'nature deficit disorder,' a term coined by author Richard Louv."

The book, which is a follow-up to Lonely Planet's 2013 bestseller "Beautiful World," includes nearly 200 jaw-dropping photographs of our world's most sublime destinations — from the tumbling deluge of Argentina's Iguazu Falls to the solemn chill of Germany's snow-covered Thuringian Forest (both pictured below).

Germany's Thuringian Forest and Argentina's Iguazu Falls
Germany's Thuringian Forest and Argentina's Iguazu Falls (Photo: © Matt Munro/Lonely Planet)

"Curating this book, it was clear that humans have left their mark on almost every inch of the globe, from the rain forests of South America to the oceans' reefs," the editors write. "But, despite all the changes we have wrought upon it, our home still has the power to evoke awe, respect, passion and protectiveness, to comfort and thrill us, to change our lives."

Continue below to see more photos from "Wild World," and be sure to pick up your own copy from Lonely Planet.

Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park, Thailand
Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park, Thailand (Photo: © Catherine Sutherland/Lonely Planet)
Chugach Mountains, Alaska, U.S.
Chugach Mountains, Alaska, U.S. (Photo: © Michael Heffernan/Lonely Planet)
Peggy's Cove, Canada
Peggy's Cove, Canada (Photo: © Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet)
Lago di Carezza, the Dolomites, Italy
Lago di Carezza, the Dolomites, Italy (Photo: © Matt Munro/Lonely Planet)
Moai, Easter Island, Chile
Moai, Easter Island, Chile (Photo: © Eric Lafforgue/Lonely Planet)
Cape Race, Newfoundland Canada
Cape Race, Newfoundland Canada (Photo: © Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet)
Galloping reindeer herd, Swedish Lapland
Galloping reindeer herd, Swedish Lapland (Photo: © Gary Latham/Lonely Planet)

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