After selling MySpace to News Corp. in 2005, Tom Anderson left the company with a cool $580 million. What does the founder of one of the first social networking giants do with this massive disposable income? Travel the world, of course!

After taking up photography as a hobby a couple years ago, Anderson now shares the highlights of his frequent voyages with more than 60,000 followers on his Instagram (which is found under the aptly named handle, MySpaceTom). While it's no secret that few of his spectacular travel images are taken with a mobile device, you should still consider giving him a follow if you've ever dreamed of dropping everything to embark on a journey to see the world.

Continue below for just a small sampling of the amazing portfolio he has amassed:

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Remember Tom from MySpace? Turns out, he's an amazing photographer
After leaving MySpace with a whopping $580 million, Tom Anderson took up photography and hit the road.