Perhaps you’ve seen them around the Internet.

Perhaps you’ve fantasized about them.

Perhaps you’ve booked a reservation to stay in them.

Perhaps you’ve had nightmares about them for three nights straight.

Whatever your reaction, there’s no denying that Skylodge Adventure Suites, the latest high-altitude offering from Peru-based adventure tourism outfit Natura Vive, make for truly white-knuckle promotional photography.

Dangling from a mountainside 400 feet above the Urubamba Valley — the Sacred Valley of the Incas — in the Peruvian Andes, these “transparent luxury capsules” cater to thrill-seekers, plucky travelers and those who spend their days dreaming of “sleeping in a condor’s nest.”

Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco PeruPhoto: Natura Vive

Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco PeruPhoto: Natura VIve

Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco PeruPhoto: Natura VIve

A condor’s nest?

Do condors also nest on the sixth floor of the JW Marriott in Cusco? If so, I'm in.

Then again, I’m not the type who normally gravitates toward overnight lodgings that require scaling the face of a mountain or hiking “an intrepid trail through zip lines” to access. I enjoy an adrenaline rush now and then and I love spectacular natural scenery, sometimes in combination, but traversing the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel is harrowing enough for me.

Since the views offered from this trio of 24-foot-long sleeping pods are pretty much self-explanatory in their breathtaking awesomeness (this is Machu Picchu territory, by the way), some more on the features of the rooms themselves:

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, each Skylodge Adventure Suite includes four beds ("fine quality mattresses, cotton sheets, down pillows, and quilts ensure a warm and pleasant night”), a dining area, a quartet of solar-powered lamps and a separate bathroom equipped with a sink and “dry ecological” (read: composting) toilet.

The bathroom’s 6-foot diameter dome comes complete with privacy curtains for, you know, shielding yourself from all those creeps trying to sneak a peek while you do your businesses. Bathroom modesty does seem like a trivial concern considering that you’re confined to a pod that’s hanging from a cliff 400 feet above the ground. Perhaps there’s a problem with voyeuristic birds in the area? Maybe it's to not offend the mountain gods? Whatever the case, talk about a loo with a view.

Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco PeruPhoto: Natura VIve

Natura Vive's Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cuzco PeruPhoto: Natura VIve

Each unit also features four ventilation ducts that “ensure a comfortable atmosphere” and a rooftop escape hatch that leads to a tiny wooden platform built into the side of the mountain.

Natura Vive offers Skylodge packages starting at a little under $300. Ground transportation and the journey up — and down — are included as is breakfast and a “gourmet meal with wine.” Not a bad deal at all, really. The wine sounds like a lovely — and probably much needed — touch although I don’t think all the liquid courage in the world would be enough to get me to stay in a hotel room where check-out involves an afternoon of rappelling.

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