The glamping trend — an outdoors-ish movement geared toward people who wish to commune with nature but who really, when it comes down to it, would rather lounge about a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel — is apparently big in South Korea.

Who knew?

And in response to the growing number of outdoors-loving South Korean holiday-makers with high-end sensibilities, Seoul-based ArchiWorkshop has unveiled a line of Glamping for Glampers tents.

Currently installed at a campsite — or glampsite, if you will — in mountainous Yangpyeong County outside of Seoul, the steel-framed lux-huts — they’re more temporary micro-shelters than proper tents — are currently available in two distinct designs: one that looks like a donut and another that looks like a worm. Or, as Dezeen elaborates: “The first has a long curving form that can be extended, while the second has a hollow circular plan designed to reference the shapes of pebbles.”

As ArchiWorkshop goes on to further explain the two units, “Stacking Donut” and “Modular Flow,” provide glampers with “a chance to experience nature closer, while also providing a uniquely designed architecture experience.” The glamping site itself, with its views of the “valley, miles of forest and the stream,” is “a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.”

Got it. From what I can tell, the site looks more like an assemblage of glowing alien spacecraft than what most of us would imagine a campsite to look like.

The design of the rather striking tents involves dual layers of fabric “membranes stretched around the steel framework:

Glamping unit uses quality membrane which has characters to UV protection, water-proof, fire resistant. Double layered skins provide better resistance against extreme Korean four-season weather condition.

For the complex geometry of the outer skin, computer animated surface plans are plotted with 2D cutters and welded with a high frequency technique, which gives absolute water tightness. The shape and the position of the structures are carefully considered to give aesthetic emergence during both day and night time.

Inside the cozy interior of the tent-thingamabobs, glampers will find basic transformer furniture (i.e. the sofa folds into a bed at night) also designed by ArchiWorkshop and a "toilet booth" sectioned off from the rest of the unit with a funky, hand-panted partition created by a young Korean artist.

While it's unclear what other ammenities (wine tastings, spa treatments, foraging tutorials?) that this particular site offers guests or what the overnight rate is, one thing is for sure: There will be no stumbling into the woods with a roll of toilet paper and a flashlight when nature calls at this joint, folks …

Via [Dezeen] via [Curbed]

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South Korean 'glampsite' boasts worm-shaped tents with toilets
South Korean design firm ArchiWorkshop debuts an intriguing assemblage of luminous structures that allow pampered campers to not-really-rough-it in high style.