Go Green Expo in Atlanta last weekend was a lot smaller than its L.A. counterpart — but the Georgia event was full of eco-superheroes, sort of.

GreenPlate's plastic bag mannequin at the Go Green Expo in Atlanta

Above’s the anti-disposable-bag eco-fashionista, standing in front of GreenPlate’s booth. Dressed entirely in the environmental blight that’s the disposable plastic bag, the eco-superhero promoted reusable bags and bottles.

Kika Paprika's mannequin in a recycled T-shirt and plastic bottle skirt at the Go Green Expo in Atlanta

Then there was the recycling fashion icon, wearing a skirt of disposable plastic water bottles. The colorful Kika Paprika T-shirt she’s wearing was also made with recycled plastic water bottles!

Captain Planet at the Go Green Expo in Atlanta

Last but not least was Captain Planet, roaming the expo floor sending out good green vibes — mostly by posing for photos with excited kids. Does thinking about Captain Planet take you right back to your own childhood? Watch the hero in action again on Mother Nature Network, which has all the old Captain Planet episodes for you to watch free online!

Superheroes at Go Green Expo
Go Green Expo's fictional eco-heroes educated attendees on reducing, reusing, and -- recycling old eco TV shows.