Want to go on an all-expenses-paid educational eco-retreat, where you get to enjoy delicious organic meals with like-minded environmentalists? Then get your application in for the Eco-Leader Training program from the No Impact Project.

No Impact Man Colin Beavan made big green headlines with his year sans electricity and toilet paper — a feat that has been chronicled in a blog, book and film — and has inspired many would-be no impact people to take week-long carbon cleanses through the nonprofit offshoot of Colin’s efforts, No Impact Project.

Colin has traveled the country inspiring people to make green changes in their lives, neighborhoods and country — and now seeks would-be eco-leaders who want to do the same. He, along with educator Leah Mayor, will facilitate the training. According to No Impact Project’s description:

The Eco-Leader Training will teach you how to use the No Impact Week, an immersive, educational weeklong experiment in low-impact living, as a tool for building an environmentally conscious, action-oriented community…. When you return home, you will be ready to go out and empower your community to make a difference.
Want to be an eco-inspiration to your community? Apply for the leadership program, happening Jan. 7 to Jan. 9, 2011, at Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, N.Y. To take part in the program, you’ll need to take a virtual No Impact Week challenge prior to the training weekend — and commit to running at least three No Impact Weeks in your community in 2011. Submit your name and e-mail via No Impact Project’s form to get an application, then get it in by Nov. 15.
Take an eco-retreat with No Impact Man
Apply to take part in an all-expenses-paid Eco-Leader Training Program with 'No Impact Man' Colin Beavan in upstate New York, Jan. 2011.