For our last family vacation, I spent hours lining up flights, hotel reservations and activities so that my family and I could squeeze every last bit of fun out of our time together. The trip itself was a blast. The travel planning? Not so much.

That's why I was intrigued when I came across a travel company called Pack Up + Go. As you might expect, this travel agency can help you plan your next trip. They will arrange all of flights and hotel reservations, provide you with a map of your destination, and even offer day-by-day itineraries for things to see and do along the way. But unlike most travel agencies, the services at Pack Up + Go come with a catch: You won't know where you are going on your vacation until you leave for the trip.

Sound adventurous?

Pack Up + Go is the brainchild of Lillian Rafson, a young entrepreneur who came up with the idea when she was traveling in Europe in her early 20s and met up with a traveler who was on a surprise vacation. Mystery tours have been around for a while in Europe, but the idea was new to the United States, and Rafson knew it could work here. There are so many amazing places to visit in the U.S. that it's easy to get overwhelmed when planning a trip.

How does it work?

Pick a budget, fill out a questionnaire and turn over the reins for your next adventure. Pack Up + Go will plan a three-day/two-night vacation to match your traveling desires. Want relaxation? You might wind up on a beach in San Diego. Looking for some culture? You might be headed to Baton Rouge. Want a fun place for a girls' getaway? Minneapolis might be the perfect spot.

According to the website, they rarely send travelers more than three or four hours away because they don't want folks to spend the entire trip traveling. But you can choose whether you want to travel by car or by plane, so your destination might be a new town nearby or one halfway across the country.

If obsessing over the details is your thing, a Pack Up + Go adventure might not work for you. But if you're open to new destinations and looking for a way to get away without all of the stress, a surprise vacation might be just the ticket.

This company will plan your next trip, but they won't tell where you're going until you leave
Are you spontaneous enough to take a surprise vacation? Try travel company Pack Up + Go.