Utah's Logan Canyon is putting on quite a show. As autumn sets in, the forests have transformed into a dazzling display of colors.

Logan Canyon is located in the Bear River Mountains of northeastern Utah, and the variety of hues and tones are from the assortment of trees that dot the landscape — Douglas hawthorn, canyon maple, scrub oak, quaking aspen, serviceberries, evergreens and more.

Photographer Justin McFarland has lived in Utah for 42 years, and every fall he captures images and even drone footage of the changing leaves.

We'll let his images speak for themselves.

Logan Canyon Utah autumn leaves
The canyon has an elevation of 7,800 ft. (Photo: Justin McFarland/Facebook)
Utah scenic route through Logan Canyon
U.S. Route 89 is a National Scenic Byway and connects the Cache and Bear Lake valleys. (Photo: Justin McFarland/Facebook)
Snowbasin Resort Utah
These kaleidoscope of colors paint the landscape in Huntsville, Utah. (Photo: Justin McFarland/Facebook)
Huntsville Utah terrain
McFarland has lived in Utah for 42 years and began his interest in photography 20 years ago. (Photo: Justin McFarland/Facebook)
Logan Canyon in Cache Valley Utah
The leaves begin to turn these vibrant colors as early as September. (Photo: Justin McFarland/Facebook)