What most omnivores don't realize is that vegetarians and vegans love to eat. Just because we value health, respect for animals and the environment doesn't mean we have given up good eating. And traveling while veggie, though not as hard as it once was, can still be a little frustrating — especially if you're a foodie. 


Enter VegVoyages, a company that combines travel throughout Asia with veggie and vegan eating adventures.  About 75 percent of the tours are for vegans, the other 25 percent are for vegetarians. All meals are included in the tours, as well as “… accommodations, transportation, activities, and taxes, ensuring that travelers know beforehand exactly what their vacation costs — and the value of what they get for their money.” 


Because the tour groups are generally smaller, stays are at local hotels along the travel route, not impersonal mega-chains. The company really stresses getting to know the culture of the country you visit on the tours, including the pretty and not-so-pretty sides of it. B&B's, beachside cabins, historical mansions, eco-accommodations and family run hotels are all part of the experience. Travel is equally varied, from boat to open-top jeep to rickshaw and bike. 


And of course, there's lots of delicious eating along every route, whether that's in Malaysia, India, Laos, or any of the other destinations the group tours. 


And not only does the group travel veggie-style, the organizers really put their money where their mouth is:

“In addition, an underlining commitment of VegVoyages is to actively support grassroots animal rights and social organizations that make a difference in the communities we travel to. Whether it is a hospital for local street animals, a rural village school, an orphanage, a refuge and rehabilitation center for abused and exploited animals or an organization that helps those with disabilities who otherwise could not afford it — when you join a VegVoyages adventure, you are helping to make a difference as part of the cost of everyone of our adventures goes directly to these groups and their causes.”


Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

VegVoyages: Asian travel for vegetarian and vegan foodies
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