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10 best places outside the U.S. for fall color

By: Josh Lew on Oct. 20, 2015, 12:14 p.m.
Neuschwanstein Castle during the fall

Photo: Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock

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Bavaria, Germany

Fall in Bavaria is synonymous with one thing: Oktoberfest. Munich has the Oktoberfest celebration. It draws more than 16 million visitors each year. A lot of Bavaria is quite rural, though. Smaller towns might have their own version of Oktoberfest, but you can also see some of Europe's most beautiful fall colors in Bavaria's non-urban regions.

There are several trails that run through the region's forests. A couple of these paths pass near Neuschwanstein Castle (pictured), a fairy-tale-like structure that is the perfect backdrop for the sea of orange and red leaves. Beyond Oktoberfest, there are other events in the region that can enhance your autumnal excursion.