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10 best street markets in the world

By: Josh Lew on April 19, 2012, 6:28 p.m.
night acai market at Ver-o-peso

Photo: Lets/Flickr

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Ver-o-peso, Belem, Brazil

Markets worth mentioning for their size are found in Brazil's main cities, from Sao Paulo to Rio to Salvador. Perhaps the most unusual space, however, is the Ver-o-peso Market in the midsized city of Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon. Açai berries are one of this market's recognizable staples, but many other products are completely foreign to visitors. Fish and fruits found deep in the forests of the Amazon are for sale here, and not for sale (or even seen) anywhere else in the world. This is a place where the true wealth and diversity of this largely unexplored region of the world are on display.