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10 food tours to expand your mind

By: Josh Lew on April 18, 2013, 4:13 p.m.
Cape Town wine tasting

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is yet another cultural melting pot that has a food scene worthy of a spot on this list. Malay, Indian, African and European influences have all combined here to create one of Africa's most interesting eating scenes. Of course, the world-class wines made from grapes grown in the nearby highlands are also on the agenda for most tourists. Food of the Cape Tour provides a taste of what this booming African city has to offer. This tour traces the cuisine of the Cape Malay people and also touches on food from South Africa and from other regions of the continent as well. Wine bars and cafes are alive with people in Cape Town during the Southern Hemisphere's summertime, meaning that tourists can enjoy the wine and food buzz even if they don't take part in an official tour.