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10 of the smallest homes in the world

By: Bryan Nelson on June 21, 2010, 1 p.m.
The Vicky Too, a tiny house built and sold by Tiny Texas Houses.

Photo: Tiny Texas Houses

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Tiny Texas Houses

Not everything is bigger in Texas. Tiny Texas Houses, based in Luling, Texas, is a company "building the future with the past." Each of the tiny houses is made from recycled salvage materials. As the company says on the website: "After a generation of having it all and wasting so much, perhaps it is time to consider keeping it small and preserving what we have before we waste more of our limited resources."

The company has shift its focus in recent years to creating an area of houses made with recovered materials. The result has been Salvage Texas, a 43-acre venue that promotes the company's philosophy. Visitors can experience the process of building homes and even stay in a Texas Tiny House, like the Vicky Too (pictured).