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10 overlooked eco-tourism destinations

By: Josh Lew on Oct. 30, 2012, 5:31 p.m.

Photo: christine zenino/Flickr

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Greenland (the world's largest non-continental island) is not an eco-tourism destination in the jungle and waterfall sense, but it is inarguably one of the most remote places on Earth. Greenland has few roads, so tourists get to the mountain ranges, ice floes or deserted stretches of coastline by bush plane or even dog sled. Land ownership is limited in Greenland, so visitors can wander pretty much anywhere they desire. This is the biggest attraction of the island (though to go too far afield alone might not be the safest idea, as the land and weather can be harsh). That said, places like Greenland and Patagonia have a true “last frontier” feel, making them the ultimate destinations for hard-core eco-tourists and nature-loving adventure-seekers.