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10 treacherous trails with gorgeous views

By: Josh Lew on June 27, 2014, 1:23 p.m.
Capilano Suspension Bridge

Photo: David Davies/Flickr

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Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cliffwalk, Canada

This park near downtown Vancouver contains the most easily accessible extreme walkways on our list. In fact, there are two paths worth mentioning inside Capilano. The Capilano Suspension Bridge, built more than a century ago, stretches for 450 feet. Visitors can stand more than 200 feet above the bridge's namesake river while enjoying views of British Columbia's trademark pine forests. The park's Cliffwalk provides a much greater adrenaline rush. The series of walkways, bridges and stairways follow a cliff face. These wooden platforms are anchored to the rock in only 16 places, giving the people who attempt this route a feeling of being suspended in air. In a few sections, glass panes are all that separate hikers from the valley floor below.