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10 views that will test your fear of heights

By: Josh Lew on Jan. 11, 2016, 11:34 a.m.
Visitors at the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne at night

Photo: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock

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Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne

The Eureka Skydeck is one of the highest building-top vantage points in the Southern Hemisphere. The deck covers the entire 88th floor of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia. The trip up to the deck can be as thrilling as the view. The elevator that carries guests skyward reaches the highest speed of any lift south of the equator.

There's a small outdoor section on the Skydeck that's known as the Terrace. When wind speeds are high, this area is closed off and guests are required to stay inside. The Edge, meanwhile, is a glass cube that hangs 10 feet out over the side of the building. Visitors can look through the floor to the street, which is almost 1,000 feet below.