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12 buildings that look like food

By: Matt Hickman on July 15, 2015, 11:30 a.m.
Mr. Applehead roadside attraction in Colborne Ontario

Photo: stephen boisvert/Flickr

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Big Apple

If the website belonging to Northumberland County's top roadside attraction fails to catch your attention, than nothing will. It’s some kind of masterpiece.

That said, the 35-foot-tall anthropomorphic apple — Mr. Applehead is the prodigious pomme’s formal name — looming over Ontario Highway 401 in Canada has been catching the attention of motorists for more than three decades. Sure, a massive fiberglass apple (the world’s largest, reputedly) with a newly painted-on smile and topped with an observation deck qualifies as super-kitsch, a monument to unabashed tourist trapper-y. And that’s what makes the Big Apple so great — and very much worth a stop for a photo opp and slice of — and/or entire — homemade apple pie. Founded in the 1980s by George Boycott, a native Australian who wanted to bring his homeland’s fine tradition of roadside novelty architecture to rural Ontario, the recently revamped complex is also home to a petting zoo, shuffleboard court, mini-golf course and a herd of wild bunnies.