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12 buildings that look like food

By: Matt Hickman on July 15, 2015, 11:30 a.m.
Gibeau Orange Julep in Montreal Quebec

Photo: abdallahh/Flickr

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Gibeau Orange Julep

The balmy tropical paradise known as Montreal, Quebec, is home to a noticeably large citrus fruit.

Within said fruit you’ll find Gibeau Orange Julep, a high-calorie Montreal institution that’s been serving up greasy grub (think: burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and some serious poutine) and a signature orange beverage (a frothy French Canadian variant of shopping mall staple, the Orange Julius) on Boulevard Décarie since 1966. The eatery itself, the last remaining outpost of what was once a regional fast food mini-empire, predates the three-story-tall orange fiberglass orb by over 30 years, which was built to replace a smaller orange structure. Open 24 hours during Montreal’s non-frozen months, the roller-skating waitresses are long gone but nostalgia still prevails thanks to classic car enthusiasts who congregate outside of the iconic giant orange on a weekly basis. While a local landmark, Gibeau Orange Julep is not, in fact, the world’s largest orange. That title belongs to Eli’s Orange World in Kissimmee, Florida.